Places to visit


Germany's oldest town, with more than 2000 years of history. An old Roman town with lots of attractions and culture.

The Mosel Valley

Maybe Germany’s most famous wine district? Over a short distance you will find lots of well known wine towns, i.e. Trittenheim, Piesport, Brauneberg and with Bernkastel–Kues as the notch!


Visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which you will reach in 15 minutes by car. A small but very charming country, where it's very cheap to fill up your car.


Bitburg is a small town situated in the scenic Eifel and most famous for one of the largest private breweries in Germany. Visit the brewery and finish up with a beer tasting test "Bitte ein Bit"!


Along the river Saar you will find the "pearl", Saarburg. The town is on both sides of the river, has a picturesque down town with small shops, handcrafts and good shopping. The highlight is the water fall in the town centre, where you can enjoy some food or an ice cream.


One of the most famous racing circuits in the world is only one hour away by car. In the gorgeous Eifel you will find this racing circuit surrounded by nature and there are plenty of things to do. If you're lucky there could be an official race over the weekend.


In the neighbourhood are a lot of memorable places, from both the First and the Second World Wars. At Verdun, in France, there is a huge area of battle trenches from the First World War. The Maginot Line, the defence wall towards Germany. Bastogne, Belgium, famous during the Ardennes offensive at the end of the Second World War.