Places to visit

Germany’s oldest city with over 2000 years of history. The Roman city offers a lot of culture and sights, e.g .: Porta Nigra, Kaiserthermen or the amphitheater. Ten minutes by car or thirty minutes by bus or train to the center.
The Moselle valley
One of the most famous wine regions in Germany, where well-known wine locations can be reached within a very short time: e.g. Trittenheim, Piesport, Brauneberg and Bernkastel-Kues.
Visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Within 15 minutes you can reach this small, charming country with a lot of culture and sights.
Bitburg is a small town in the beautiful Eifel and is famous for its largest privately owned German brewery. Why don’t you pay a visit to the brewery: “A bit, please!”
In the cultural landscape of the border triangle Germany-France-Luxembourg, on the river Saar, lies the small 1000-year-old city of Saarburg. Here you will find the opportunity to go shopping, eat ice cream or visit a restaurant at the romantic waterfall.
The world-famous Nürburgring race track can be reached within one hour. The race track is embedded in the fantastic nature of the Eifel and offers all kinds of activities.
Not only Trier, but also our immediate surroundings bear witness to history. “The Battle of Verdun” in World War I, France, or the Maginot Line, France’s line of defense against Germany. In Bastogne, Belgium, contemporary witnesses report on the Ardennes offensive.


Outdoor pools
In Schweich you will find a family-friendly outdoor adventure and leisure pool with many attractions and a large play and lounging area.

Only 15 minutes by car from here, in the village of Leiwen, is another leisure pool with many attractions. The wonderful location on the Moselle terrace offers an impressive view of the Moselle valley. This outdoor pool is also ideal for families with children.
Motor cycling
Those of you riding motorcycles, which the hosts do, have inexhaustible possibilities on the curvy roads in the close neighbourhood, along the rivers Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, in the hilly Eifel, or along Hunsrücker Höhenstrasse. The Ardennes, in Belgium and Luxembourg, consist to a great extent of MC-roads. Nürburgring, an hour away, is frequently open and a great challenge for those of you who would like to get an adrenalin kick, when riding a few laps on the classic “Nordschleife”!
River boat on the Mosel
Daily a number of river boats enter the river. From Trier and Schweich you have lot of choice and it’s really relaxing to slowly move forward and to enjoy the unique landscape with its vineyards and well maintained villages.
Tennis courts can be hired in both Schweich and in villages nearby.
In the neighbour village Bekond you can play golf on the Golfclub Triers scenic 18 hole course. After a relaxing golf course it’s worth visiting the club’s restaurant. Here you’ll find an excellent gastronomy and, of course, the best local wines.
There is a fantastic network of bicycle roads, so you only need choose whether you would like to ride flat or hilly. The Moselle Valley has one of the most wonderful cycle roads. Moreover, it’s very simple to stop in one of the villages and visit a local restaurant for some food and drinks. There is a bus line along the Moselle, which takes bicycles on board if you feel tired.
Wine tasting
At nearly every vineyard it’s common to taste wine. Here you can learn everything about the local wines and particularly the Riesling wines are well known for their high quality.
Further activities near by
  • Summer sledge run
  • Football-Golf
  • Waterskiing
  • StandUp-Paddling
  • Paragliding
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